Pawsox And Cape Cod

Thursday June 16th pawsox VS indians

so this entry will contain my two trips to the Pawsox since Thursday, and my two Cape league games i went to on Sunday.

Thursday was the first game since the triple A allstar game, and it was hat night here it is

pawsox hat

for this game i got to the stadium when hte gates are suppose to open but when i got there the gates where open 5 min early so i misse out on like 5-10 min of BP. but by the time BP ended i still did not get a ball. so  i had to hang out by the Dug out for a 3rd out ball. the strategy worked. i got a Gem(no pic sorry). that was it for the game. pawsox lose to indians 9-5.

THe starting pitcher for the indians was Ian Snell who pitched for the Pittsburg Pirates this season. he looked real good. here are some pics

Ian Snell 

that was it for the game one ball, and a second row seat with a general admission ticket.

Saturday July 18th Pawsox VS Indians. International league HOF night.

hof plaque

I arrived at what they say is before thegates open but when i arrived htere were over 200 people in the stadium. Also it was girl scout sleep over day, so i was not expecting alot of balls today. so lets get to it. my first ball came from Denny Bautista, a toss uptoss up .

second ball was another toss up from Milver Reyes.

My next ball was a toss up from i dont know who.

the next ball i got was my first ever caught home run ball. some people said ”nice catch”. thank you.

the next ball was from Ty Taubenheim where he just wound up and fired to the back of hte berm to no one.

the last and final ball was and easter egg that i found at the end of BP.

WOW a new record for balls for me 6 here they are (only 5 shown 1 given away to kid who was trying)

Pawsox balls

Pawsox eventually lose. they have lost 8 straight.


Pawsox get swept in home stand

This is the last game before the all star game, and i wanted to go to because Clay Buchholz was pitching(my first choice as the international league starting pitcher, but he pitched on sunday). I was hoping for BP but no go. alright. So i was hoping for a Pawsox win to snap there 4 game losing streak. Lets find out.

First pitch of game 

McCoy Stadium 012.JPG 

In the the game Clay gave up 5 runs in 5.1 innings but only 4 of them were earned on 8 hits. Not so great start for buch.

Here are some action shots of Buchholz.





 Jed Lowrie was in the starting line up again. he made several nice plays at shortstop.

Here are several shots of Lowrie at short, and batting.

McCoy Stadium 029.JPG 

McCoy Stadium 041.JPG

So now its the Bottom of the 9th, and Freddy Guzman is up, and blasts a 2 run homer. Did the momentum continue with the rest of the other guys… nope next batter was the end of the game.

On on other note former major leaguer Corey Patterson was DHing for the Syracuse Sky chiefs (


McCoy Stadium 022.JPG 

Oh i forgot it was Pawsox go green bag day so here it is


pawsox go green bag

 After the game i saw Steve Hyder doing his thing check out his blog at .


steve hyder 

Then when the stadium cleared out I went to the player entrance/exit. where i got these


after game autograph 

And the back

after game autographs \

this is who i can make out who signed

Mike Morse – Chiefs

Hunter Jones – Pawsox

 Zechry Zinicola – Chiefs

Fernando Cabrera – Pawsox

Michael Bowden – Pawsox

Corey Patterson – Chiefs(not shown signed on ball)

Final score

Pawsox- 4

Chiefs- 5

L- Buchholz W- Balester  SV- Kensing 


next post will be friday or saturday.




chip is back with revenge

Mlblog 1.wps

my first entry

hi, my name is alex and i am a yankees fan from Rhode island, who goes to plenty of baseball games to go see Triple A baseball At McCoy stadium, to see the pawsox play who ever. i would like to consider my self a ballhawk(snaggs baseballs). this season i have gone to every pawsox batting practice and snagged 25 baseballs. i have gone to over 17 games this season and plan on going every chance i can. you can see me wearing my happy youngster Tee shirt if you see me give a shout. this has been a little introduction of myself, and i will update regularly.


i will also post pictures when i have time





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